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Satellites use lasers to communicate with each other


We brought those lasers down to earth

5 Kilometer Range

Unlock extended connectivity with our powerful laser technology, reaching distances of upto 5 km for seamless communication and connectivity.

10 Gbps Capability

An order of magnitude higher speeds than that of comparable radio wave based wireless backhaul

Rapid Deployment

Auto aligning units that locate and align within minutes

Weather Resistant

Tested over 18 months in rain, shine, winds and all weather conditions.

We put them on rooftops

To form a core network grid that will connect an entire city

The lasers link to wifi routers via cable or 5G creating a wireless mesh across the city

So far, so good

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Headline of the article
The next step in infrastructure ownership

We're in the final testing and deployment phase of the Dabba laser. Join the waitlist to get updates and first dibs when we go live.


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